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Originally Posted by biteweasel View Post
Has to be crossman and splattmaster. I still can't believe you play with the splatmaster chronoing so low, its just crazy!
Haha, I had Snake call me yesterday after seeing this thread and saying "Well you've dropped me in it now, haven't you?"
I don't think he expected the Crosman/Splatmaster combo to be so popular (I did ).
It's a weird little pistol, came to me in absoultely knackered condition but a little TLC got it working again - the thing is, even though it's only chronoing 140, I daredn't make any changes to it because it shoots so damn good!

Once took it to a Diamond Wars game in 2011 against a load of very trigger happy opponents (not sure if you heard, but at that particular event there was a LOT of overshooting claims in the aftermath). Took a fair few of them down - lots of swearing came my way when they realised what I was using!

Hopefully catch you soon!
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