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Avanti Triumph 747 competition pellet pistol

Hey guys was going through some stuff in the basement since I will be moving here soon and found this pellet gun I bought several years ago to try out air gun competitions. I don't need it anymore and was hoping one of you might find an interest in it.


-Avanti Triumph 747 competition air pistol (Avanti is a division of Daisy)
-Fully adjustable rear sight
-Adjustable trigger
-Right handed targer shooting grips with thumb shelf
-Single-pump pneumatic action
-shoots .177 caliber pellets
-Effective range of 209 yards
-Muzzle Velocity of 360 FPS

^^(I'm just reading the stats off of the box here)

Looking for $100 OBO shipped in the USA (not sure how customs is about pellet guns if someone in Canada can figure out if this will cross the border fine then I have now problem sending it up there as well)

Can provide pictures for anyone interested (don't have a camera near me at the moment)

but for the time being this is the pellet gun model you will be buying
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