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Bought this game on Steam for $5 and I'm loving it. So far longest and best run is with the Kestral (got to Sector 6). Unlocked the Engie ship and JUST unlocked the Zoltan ship (haven't had a chance to play with it yet.)

They could use a bit more tutorial or better instructions (are there any?) I was having a really great run and had to give up. I assumed, like some other roguelikes I play (Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup and NetHack) that just quitting saves the game (IIRC.) I lost the run because I didn't realize you had to hit ESC to save and quit.

I did have a bit of trouble when I tried to run it fullscreen. When it started my screen went dark and I got a " signal out of monitor range" message. I had to figure out how to edit the .ini file (not as intuitive on a Mac as a Win machine.)

All in all I'm loving it and I hope the developers continue to work one it and come up with more encounters and make it longer. Lots of roguelikes are PACKED with different possibilities and are quite long (again, DC:SS and Nethack.)
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