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Originally Posted by cwest1977 View Post
Impact at walmart used to be pretty good. I think it was made by procaps at the time. I'm not too sure now though.
Impact seems to get better when left out in the feeezing cold then allowed to go back to room temp. I have noticed a similar effect with some other cheapo paint but the impact was awesome after the freeze thaw cycle. I recently did this with the cheap valken paint with decent gains.

Gains as in less dimples and a more brittle shell. Freezing any paint will make the shell more brittle though, the cheapo paint shells seam to stay less bouncy after they are back to room temp though. I do notice more leaking balls after doing this as well so I do it a day before I play in the winter.

Fill color has made a difference for me also. Bright fills like pinks and orange paint improves while white fill and the neon green/blue paint seems to suck more with this.

I did leave some impact in my car for a whole winter one year and it was absolutely fantastic when I finally shot it.
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