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Originally Posted by kethdredd View Post
I have an 11 year old that doesn't know the meaning of trigger control for one thing. Trust me, if it was just me, I would buy some mid grade paint and call it good.
Listen to Justus. Buy the absolute best paint you can afford, period, end of story, fin.

And if you have an 11-year old with ITFS (itchy trigger-finger syndrome), now is the time to start working on trigger discipline, as well as responsibility. Make the youngster pay for it.

Seriously, this is the one area of paintball that I cannot comprehend. Folk who prefer woods ball to air ball? I get it. Folk who prefer air ball to woods ball? I get it. Folk who prefer pump? I get it. Folk who prefer mech? I get it. Folk who prefer electro? I get it.

Folk who want to compromise on paint? I don't get it.

Unless you are bunkering someone or in some other CQB situation, then, no matter what your skill and equipment, when you pull the trigger, the only thing that matters is the quality of your paint.

Your paint doesn't care what sort of pod it came from, and from what sort of loader it was fed, into what sort of marker, out of what sort of barrel.

Paint only cares how well it was made, and how well it has been stored and handled until the time you shoot it. And that is all you should care about.

Paintball is not the cheapest sport. You are spending money on equipment, or rental gear, or something. Skimp on your loader, your marker, your barrel, whatever. But not your protective gear, and not your paint.

Whatever setup you are running, the quality of your paint is the weakest link. All things being equal, your day will only be as good as the paint you shoot, so for the love of the children and everything good and noble, buy the best you can get, and enjoy yourself.

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