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Your paint doesn't care what sort of pod it came from, and from what sort of loader it was fed, into what sort of marker, out of what sort of barrel.

Paint only cares how well it was made, and how well it has been stored and handled until the time you shoot it. And that is all you should care about.

right because paint is a honeybadger and you should be too.

True to an extant, but if the cheaper paint is shooting fine, why spend an extra $10-25. It just depends on how good both actually are in your area. My local field paint is pretty good most days, sometimes the best I could expect. the tourney paint didn't really seem to shoot anybetter.

on trigger control: paying for it himself via jobs around the house or something could be a idea other ways include making him play hopperball or buying a mini hopper and play with that and no pods. Or the best way may be to buy a used pump, teach him to not hose and move more.
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