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Karni Pump questions

Hey everyone. I just picked up a Karni pump off of the web and had a few questions that I could not resolve by searching. First, it has a CCM 86* frame, stock ICS system, CP reg, and CCM Delux pump kit (the one that includes the front block). I installed the pump kit and AT off of my other pump, but with the AT installed the backblock will not always close all the way (leaves about an 1/8 inch gap) and it seems that the AT arm is not reaching forward enough to let the backblock touch like it should. Another thing I noticed was that the cocking rod is pretty loose, as in I can pretty easily turn it with my fingers. Should I loctite this with some blue loctite or will it be okay (im worried about it backing out while shooting). It also farts a bit, I have a madman spring kit: what spring combo would you guys recommend?
Pic of how I got it
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