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Originally Posted by alpha434 View Post
Frankly, this is bull ****.

He's just a vocal person with a differing opinion. If you want to debate his points, then do so. Otherwise, you're making a personal attack (trolling).
He is allowed to have his opinion, as am I. But to repeatedly put down a budget minded marker for being lower build quality is silly.

Statements like
I picture this is how they proudly display the hammer 7 after ten pounds of sillycone,10 grit sand paper used liquid nails to bring it up to 280fps.
And some how are satisfied with the results.

are just taking jabs at owners of the guns.

Originally Posted by Usagi Tetsu
Velcor is within all of us, you need not go looking for him. He sayeth, "wherever two or more of you are gathered, there shall I be." He is my solid bunker for me to hide behind from the incoming fire of mine enemies, He is the functioning regulator which keepeth my shots consistent, and He is my keen eye guiding my fire towards my hidden enemies. Yea, whosoever shall believeth in Him shall be guided by His right hand towards the flag, and whosoever denieth Him shall reside for all eternity in the Deadbox of Life.
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