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That's actually my point alpha. Saint is complaining that he bought a $130 gun and had to tinker with it a bit to get it up to specs. That's exactly my point. And more over is that I can't think of a single example of any current fsr markers that come perfect out of the box. Or don't have their own set of cons to go with the pros. And that's why I simply don't believe that the saying you get what you pay for holds water. Especially here. In this case you get a lot of gun for 130. Is it perfect? No. But I don't think there's a gun that is. Maybe the one that one day I'll commission to have built from the ground up to my exact specifications. But than I would have to be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for that. As far as porsche goes I don't really think much of porsche fans anyway but that would have to be a whole other thread.
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