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Originally Posted by 808Jackal View Post
By completed do you mean thrown in a box and shipped back with no ano?
It was refinished.... I never shipped any order back with the finish removed! If it was returned without being refinished it was sent back in its original condition along with a full refund. As for being thrown in a box that is just inaccurate. I always take care in packing the parts in the boxes using individual wrapping to protect them. They are far from being just "thrown in a box". I understand your frustration with your order not being completed, I truly do, but I have sent your parts back and issued a full refund. While I know that does not correct the problem it was the best thing I could do at the time after realizing there was no way I could get the orders completed with my current workload and schedule. If you feel I have not done enough to make the situation right please send me a PM I will be happy to discuss it with you and do anything within reason to make it right. However I ask that you please refrain from the attacks on this thread. Thank you kindly.
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