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First I finally got a full barrel kit for my Azodin Kaos Pump.

Still shooting some very good quality Xball blaze, but now I fit the Xball to a
.863 Barrel back from an Evil PIPE kit, 14inch in total.

I had to retune the marker to get the velocity back under 300, as changing to a barrel that fit the paint from the overbore BL I was using shot the velocity from 290 up to 320.

The marker was shooting freakin darts tho. I was honestly shocked.

First of all the consistency went from +/-10 to +/-5. Amazing consistency.

The accuracy is impossible to measure because I don't have a good range to shoot on, or anything to clip it into and take out the human factor. But the accuracy boast from the paint to barrel match was VERY noticeable. Even my friend who thinks I am an idiot for buying an Azodin marker was shocked how accurate it was shooting. By the end of the day he was saying that pump markers must be more accurate because he had never shot single balls with some much confidence at such a high distance. I just think its a smooth shooting marker with an easy sight point.

At the end of the session the regulator started leaking. I need to replace the main regulator oring (small black one inside reg mainframe). It didn't come with a replacement so I pmed the Azodin rep on PBnation, i'll update what he tells me (if I have to buy it or get it for free). This reg has seen less then a full case, so I'm kinda disappointed. I'll update when I get it running again. It holds air and fires but is venting constantly.
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