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Originally Posted by Skibbo View Post
round bar, machine the flats on the side, use flats to hold it, machine slot and everything else?

My thinking could be off.

I'll keep tinkering with this to see what would be the easiest. perhaps do one part with the slot and use round bar cut in half then attached to the flat to make the entire part?
Oh... I never thought of that...Wait. How the hell do you hold it to machine the flats on the sides?

If I say that it's a costly feature, it's a costly feature. I'm not teaching a 101 course on workholding. If it's essential... Then there's nothing we can do about it. The radius adds as much cost significance to the part as the slot.

Special cutter? More costly. Special fixtures? More costly. A lot of material removal? More costly. Trying to cut round stock in half to yield more parts? A lot more costly.

Try to minimize the number of "more costly"s.
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