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Originally Posted by Skibbo View Post
could we print them up? seems like that would probably be more costly though.
You could. But it's not that high quality of a solution for a structural part.

How many do you want to make?

I concur with dukie's assessment on the side holes. The issue with the radius is either the same as the slot cutter (purchase the correct tool) or use a 3d milling path.

A standard .5" radius tool won't work because the bottom of the tool won't clear your vise. I guess, depending on how much material you start with... It would kinda suck to have an extra half inch of material to machine off just for the roundover.

3d milling is just time consuming, and machine time is expensive. Depending on how many parts you're looking at making, 3d milling is more expensive than using a roundover tool.

I have the double angle cutter on hand... Except for having to grind the crap out of one of my nice roundovers, I could make that part tomorrow. (I'm done working for the evening.)

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