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Mag body, Spyder Parts, and This and That

Just need to get rid of some stuff. Prices are shipped. Everything is OBO. Feel free to make offers. PLEASE PM Paypal only.

Trades accepted...
Looking for: Short left/right feed twistlock barrel. Like sub 8in.
Female Stabilizer
Angel Miniregs

Group #1

Prophecy feed neck aluminum insert - never used to my knowledge. Came with a parts lot. Minor nicks from rolling around. $8

MICRO line remote. Has 1/8 fitting on one end and nothing on the other. Spring guides are rusty and cruddy. $10

Lapco vertical adapter for something. Possibly bushy/BKO? Looks new. Standard ASA threads. $10

Used Automag cut neck powerfeed body. Keeping for now.

Used mag vertical adapter w/ screw. Pitted pretty bad. 1 fitting hole. Threads ok, but kind of rough. $8

Long duckbill. Threads pretty good. Some pitting as well. 3 mounting holes.

Expansion Chamber. Some tool marks by the input. Threads good. some minor gunk, marks throughout but overall pretty good shape. $15


Group #2
Spyder and STBB/clone trigger frames. 1 composite spyder frame ASA mount holes broke off (used for a spyder pistol). Blue electro frame has some "custom" milling at the heel of the frame. 1 chrome frame is peeling pretty good. All are nicked up. Black JT frame comes with safety, trigger and spring and right grip panel. All other frames are completely empty. $8 each



Out of Hydro CO2 tanks. 20oz is scratched up from valve removal. Just cover shipping... say $10?


Group #4
Spyder and clone parts.

Spyder VS2 reg. Tore it down, cleaned it, still gave me issues, so I took it off. $15

Clone LPC/volumizers. Black one is a Piranha Ram Air? with spring and piston. They are close to Spyder threaded, but feel pretty snug. $8 each

Spyder AMG foregrip with screws and AMG front plug/ valve spring guide.
$12 both

Spyder Sonix foregrip. This is for the original sonix and only fits the exact compact adapter that came on those guns. Threads are about the same size as the foregrip itself. $8


Group #5

Air America Vigilante reg. Practically no marks on it. Hardly used. No leaks. Buy the instructions and the reg is free! lol. This is the newer cheap Taiwanese version. It works pretty good and acceptably consistent, but it does not like HP input. It goes screwy. Works great with an LP tank input... like sub 500psi. SOLD

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