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Originally Posted by dukie View Post
Get rid of the threaded holes in the side and jut put them in the top. gets you the same result with 1 less setup and operation. unless you were silly and put them on both sides. then you save 2 setups and operations lol.

Profiling the top really isnt a big deal unless you are trying to make it on a manual mill. it goes slower than just facing but its reasonably quick.

Other than the double angle cutter for the inside i could make that right now.

if you are making top holes only why not drill 3 holes?

1 for phantom, 2 for old style spyder (the one ccm is using on t2)

this way there are 3 holes, you have at least 1 for a grub screw no matter which feedneck you use.

of course, that is if the hole spacing permits.

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