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This is not an attack. My parts came back to me in the box I shipped them in, small parts tied off in plastic like link sausages. The larger parts were placed in the box with newspaper but free to float about so that when the FedEx guy passed the box to me I could hear metal on metal. I found a few of my parts dinged from contact. There was a layer of bubble wrap around all the parts as a whole but the trigger frame and duckslide parts were not wrapped individually. I wouldn't bother posting a lie about this. I post the truth, both good an bad. I gave a great review of your coating service before and I tell it straight now.
I've PMe'd you before, you never got back to me when it was about my order so no, I refuse to do it now. So this is not an attack, in fact I wish I was posting pictures of an awesome cerakoted custom phantom pistol but I can't.
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