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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
That's one possible scenario or it could be Dan riding his name to the bank. Not saying it's either or. Just tossing that out there
Man you guys are brutal when it comes to new products. The full release of info will be sometime this week. Dan said that Todd Martinez just jump started sales, Immortal Air in its current form is only a regulator company. The Raza tanks are just that, a Raza product.

Since everyone is being pretty critical I'll post up what Dan told me and a few others.

Its fully adjustable, 850 HP - 550 LP. No shims, spacers, just a clean swap out. More product info will be up sometime next week along with product reviews, Carbon bottle info. We are working on the web site we'll see that real soon. Todd just jumped started the program a week early.. if i say anything about the regs now then you think im just trying to sell them, and thats not whats its about for me, what i think dont matter its what you guys think that matters, so i handed these regs out to a handfull of some of the finest people i know in paintball and told them to kick its ***, so i'll let them speak for me and the product. And you will never hear any sales hype from me, the product, customer service, and performance will always speak for its self. We are the very best at what we do, we are the Rolls Royce of Air Systems!!!
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