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Well..the thing is.. I have the EBLADE (E2) firmwares on my computer aswell.
They are BIN-files actually.
According to magic\binwalk they are stored as "G3 data, byte padded". Which sounds weird to me..

I'm sure there are several ways of uncompressing and getting the HEX-file out of it..
I have a slight feeling that the decryption\decompression is done in the FW-upload utility, and that it NEEDS to be done via serial. (A bootloader).
Which in turn means I need to build a USB ro RS232\serial-cable\module. Shouldn't be too hard to make though.

In regards to the firmwarefiles for the racegun; I would also assume that the hex-files themselves aren't all that helpful. I guess you could convert them into ASM, and possibly edit SOME things. If you happen to be extremely knowledgeable in low-level programming.. Converting HEX and\or ASM to a high-level language(C, C++ etc.) is like converting a hamburger back into a cow.

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