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Originally Posted by diesel10 View Post
So the T8.1 and 4 empty mags weighs in at 4lbs 1oz according to my trusty berkley digital fish scale. Anthony (Akimbo Assassin if anyone does not know) had a youtube video of his loadout with both the T8's and TIPX setup and four mags and all was done with shot gun belt if I remember correctly. I personally carry two 17 round extended mags and just a couple 12ies on a wrist holder and a few tubes.
For comparison a TiPX with 4 mags is a little over a pound and a half.

It's actually less confusing if you leave the pistols out and weigh mags.
The T8.1 mag is 11oz, the TiPX 3.
If you get to 8 mags, the T8.1s are 5 1/2 pounds, TiPX are 1 1/2.

Antonio switches back and forth I believe.
I'm not as forgiving of the T8 as Antonio is, not because of weight or size of the pistols and mags(I'm 6'2"-230lb, a great pack mule), but because of the co2mags. I use 12grams, you see.
The CO2 mags are why, after buying 2 T8s when they first came out and playing with them for a while, I stayed with the zeus as a primary and wore a T8 as a sidearm to it until the TPX came out.
After trying out the TPXs, I gave away the zeus and the T8....

I play in MUCH larger crowds, Dec 29th in 10 inches of snow there were 70 people playing, in the summer it gets huge.
If you use all the co2 in your carried mags, those changes you 'avoided' all show up at once.
You suddenly have to put your pistol AWAY and start changing 12grams in mags and I found that unacceptable. I'd rather spend my time shooting folks.

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