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I have to disagree, There is a unified set of basics that can be taught. Im not sure if you have refereed before, but you see it all the time. Rentals that don't know how to move, how to choose angles, and how to think of the game in general. If they have the option to be taught, they can learn to have a good time. I know for a fact that if I encourage a rental to bump and he gets to the frontline and gets shot out, he had a better time than the kid sitting in the back hiding from the other players.

And the whole thing about rifled barrels is going to happen anyways. All you need to do is explain it to them. If they know you are more knowledgable, they will take your word for it. If they don't, prove it doesn't work. Same with freezing paintballs, snipers, and all that good stuff. No offense, but your opinion in this section seems arrogant. Give em a chance, you might be surprised.

Good experiences lead to returning customers. I liked the video, keep em up.
but you just pretty much proved my point. the agreed-upon basics are so limited in number that a referee busy doing his job can do it on the side over the course of a day. just how much unquestionably solid material can you incorporate into a full paid lesson that leaves the customer satisfied without sprinkling in some up-for-debate topics?
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