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Originally Posted by El Super Beasto View Post
I recall viewing Mr. Kay on the 68 Automag instruction cassette saying it is important that the reg seat remain dry and oil free. I am open to correction.

I used remote co2 on my mags and they gunked up with crud often, especially the reg piston and washer stack.

Co2 and silicone based oil come together to make a yummy grey paste. I had to give all parts attention, even with the use of palmers 1/8 npt filter leading to the valve. I have hpa but I will never give up remote co2. Even in the winter.

So the manual is open to interpretation.
ya that yummy grey paste that you wiped off of the spring stack is grease used to keep your spring stack from rusting. and it doesnt even come in contact inside the rest of the valve because it is sealed from the piston oring. so i doesn't matter if you use a filter, co2, hpa or a bucket of oil. the reg seat should be kept clean and not dry and oil free.

might want to check that manual again
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