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T8.1 Dovetail Measurements

Does anyone here have a T8.1 and an accurate vernier caliper? I'm looking for the with of the top and bottom of the dovetail slots for both the rear and front sights. I don't even own one, and don't plan to again (too heavy for my liking), but I think I've learned quite a bit more and gathered more information about a multitude of real-steel sights/dovetails and would like to try once again to figure out what sights will fit well (unless someone has already found this and I haven't come across it).

The last time I tried to figure it out, all I got was responses with incorrect information (for the record, Browning Hi-Power sights do NOT fit) or no information at all. To this day, for some reason, it bugs me, as I can't fathom that there isn't an improved real steel sight out there somewhere that works.
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