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Just my two cents.
I am a dedicated Sterling player. My old Proline Sterling STP is still my main marker I use no matter what markers my opponents has. If I were to buy a new Sterling or possible future upgrades and such, I would mostly look for features that would either make my marker more easy to handle/clean/use or things that would let me adapt my marker from one play style to another (use one marker for all play styles. Stock class, open class, etc)

One of my personal Sterling wet dreams is backwards compatibility. What do I mean with that then? If I bought a new sterling I would expect a certain degree of freedom to set up the marker to fit my unique taste and play style but still be able to use parts that fit my old sterling. For instance a frame with eurogrip fitting that could take any grip. That exists on the Bronze already, but I would want to see it go one more step by adding a grip that would accept the grip panels from my older Sterling STP so I could go from lets say euro grip to 45grip to old-school Sterling STP grip and back again as simple as unscrewing a nut and changing grips.

How about official versions of things that you need to buy custom from 3rd party right now? Such as a foregrip ASA integrated in the frame/body spacer, undercocking kit or bottomline dovetails milled in the frame. Since my marker is an older Sterling STP, it has the sterling threads thus making me biased twoards sterling-threads. Even so, I would welcome an adapter to let me use spyder or cocker barrels too. That would just expand my Sterling STP world a little more. I would love an high pressure foregrip regulator with a swiveling input at the bottom, all in a matching anodizing colour with my marker. Re-invent the spring kit/parts kit, 12g Co2 spring kit and HPA spring kit maybe?

As a side note, one of many many reasons why CCM's markers are so popular is the ability to choose colour of individual parts and mix and match as you please, thus creating an more unique marker just for you. I know the Sterling is more of a one piece body kind of marker but still, the new Sterling has more "loose" parts that could be in another colour to fit anyones taste.

The sum of all my ramblings here seems to be freedom of choice to make my marker feel more unique and customized for me from the start. Superficial maybe, but that's what makes heads turn in the safe zone when someone unpacks something colourful and sleek looking.
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