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Originally Posted by tgforce View Post
It's a slight leak.
I have the dual oring bolt. Just wondering if its efficient enough or its better to use the nano bolt. If the dual oring one could get more then 6 pods from a 68/45 its fine. Like to use my mech for scenario games and normally I carry a full hopper and 6 pods.
Will visit my shop asap to get some new orings.
Think they will be surprised to see a mech ion. Think I'm the only one to have one here in the Netherlands
Havent done any official test but it should be able to shoot that much paint with your setup if you have a QEV
Try cleaning the breech orings before you replace them,if theres a bit of dirt or paint you may be able to salvage them untill you can get new ones
Before the eNMey came out people were mystified by my mech ion
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