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bevil oaks is a good one too, right next to china and beaumont I had to look up the name couldn't remember it to save my life. We would just take off from my friend's house walking into the woods until we found a cool place.

once you into some deep woods where you don't have to worry about houses/traffic you'll notice that it's good sized bits of land continuously broken up by streams that have cut out deep ravines (6-10 ft deep) and every piece of land is like having a new field set up.

The one that always sticks out in my mind was completely covered in ferns about 2-3 ft high with downed trees scattered around

Good luck with the search, I'm trying to get in touch with old friends to see if any of them still play, but they check their facebook stuff about as often as I do, so I'm not holding my breath on responses to be honest.

And if I ever do find myself out that way again, be sure I would hit you up.
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