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Ages of Paintball Players

I'm making this as a reaction to a shocking thread I noticed on PBN. The OP was asking if he was too old for paintball, he explained he is 25. Of course many posters replied saying he was a fool and they were far older. But honestly I feel like Paintball is a better sport for older players. I feel like when you have a real job, your own ride, ect, ect, its an easier sport to be more into.

Nothing wrong with younger players, but someone who started young (14), and restarted (after 4 years of play, 2 years off) at 21. I still find myself young for the sport, with less income and stability to play then I would prefer. I think its a sport that you grow into, start by loving the game as a kid, but get more into teching markers, building your own stuff and hoarding gear as you age. I know I'll play till I can't and always own a marker to shoot around with.

How does everyone else feel? I feel like the average age here is older then PBN, but those who feel like sharing, how old are you and when did you start? I'm still 21.
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