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Kahnif is correct, both sides are comprised of a variety of different
groups. The Allied Army has something like 16-17 different units,
each of which has a different mission and personality. Some of
their larger units are also broken down into sub units, again with
different leaders and attitudes.

Generally the Allies are seen as the more serious,
while the Germans like to portray temselves as a
bunch of fun loving pauintballers. Both spend time
prior to the main event getting their players familiar
with both the field, as well as one another. Lots of
'team building' goes on, especially if you're there for
the entire week.

Check the schedule I posted a link to earlier for a
better idea of all the different things that go on over
the week.

Got a question about any of the Allied units, drop me
a note or give my office a call. I'm here to answer
them, as well as to help promote the Allied cause.

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