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Originally Posted by Dusty Bottoms View Post
Well, I can never keep the 5-billion different genres of metal straight, but if you like slow, heavy, and no vocalist ruining things then you've got to rock some PELICAN!

If armageddon, in the form of giant monsters, demons, or robots bent on destruction ever happens, this will be it's soundtrack:

Pelican - Mammoth - YouTube

Pelican - The Woods - YouTube
just think of early black sabbath as Doom metal. this is doom metal all they way. also if you look up wikipedia you see there like 40 types of metal but most are off shoot on one major type. like folk metal which can be tide to Symphonic black metal . symphonic black metal is darker folk metal or classical metal or opera metal. but has this for it off spring. Viking metal, Pagan meta,l War metal or you have grindcore has three off shots Deathgrind Goregrind Pornogrind
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