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Shaped Rounds

some really cool stuff from TAG Innovations
there powder filled grenade

shooting video

ok 10cent shaped round is a very cool concept ill be interested in what comes from this in the coming years

he has my attention

some more stuff posted by macyworks closer look at one of his concept rounds. ''low explosive'' fill sounds cool

kinda funny first strike's meet reballs

some new stuff that macyworks came out with (just ideas at this point)

so this is what scarab rams came out with

cant wait till these come out made by scarab arms,they look very cool
scarab round

link to info on scarab arms round

FS round

FS round patent
Patent US6230630 - Aerodynamic projectiles and methods of making the same - Google Patents

sniperfins round

Safety Balls

safety balls patent

Fn303 rounds

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