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Originally Posted by Menace View Post
Folk who want to compromise on paint? I don't get it.

Unless you are bunkering someone or in some other CQB situation, then, no matter what your skill and equipment, when you pull the trigger, the only thing that matters is the quality of your paint.

Your paint doesn't care what sort of pod it came from, and from what sort of loader it was fed, into what sort of marker, out of what sort of barrel.

Paint only cares how well it was made, and how well it has been stored and handled until the time you shoot it. And that is all you should care about.
The base problem is this: there really is no objective benchmark for paint.

There's just a lot of personal biases and loose anecdotes.

The majority of the time, people just go by price. Which is wrong.

Occasionally they will link field performance to the paint they chose, which is slightly less wrong, but still wrong because quite frankly you might have been having a good/bad day.

People need to sit down and really think about what matters and how to find it, but I fear the thinking part is where the process dies.
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