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Originally Posted by grizle View Post
NEVER BUY AN EVIL VALVE. Worst "upgrade" on the market. Most leak out of the box. Stock valve is fine. Get a Titanium hammer, soft face / or jam bolt (good luck finding one), and if you want a external LPR (not needed). Other then that there is not much you can do internally... externally an SS screw kit is nice, they wont rust like the stock black grub screws will.... also I want to see pics after anno, and who did you send it to? I can't find anyone who will take my money to color my guns...
I sent mine out to TFrevold on custom cockers. He is in Ohio, and I believe you can contact him here also. He has stuff posted in the airsmith forum. Hoping it turns out very nice.

Also for the peeps that hate that ultralite mod, I also sent out the regular angel parts for match anno, so it will be able to be set up three different ways.

I found a stainless hammer on eBay but I think imma leave the ram alone and just upgrade bolt and do an external lpr and see how I like it.
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