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well has been awhile....

I haven't been able to play in about 3 years. Money, jobs, and other things have come up. In sept of 2001 I was Fired from my job. I then worked for a small shop for cash, Started At Midas In Dec of 2011. Then in July of 2012 My wife was fired from her job of 14 years. Reason Hippa Violation. I believe it was just a reason to let her go, she turned 55 her last birthday. Bothwell has a history of getting rid of older employees, so they can hire someone younger at lower pay.I started looking for a new Job. found a new Job at Landmark Dodge in Independence MO. Been there since Sept 2012. It's going great. Plenty of work, 28 Hour a week grantee, "Union" benefits, Insurance Retirement, etc. Most of my collection of markers is gone. Sold to make ends meet. I have 2 Tippmanns left and parts to build about 3 or 4 markers once I get caught back up and can afford some parts to finish them up. The wife still hasn't found a job yet. She has been looking, but not much has come up. Sorry for crying on your shoulders, but just needed to vent.
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