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Originally Posted by nerdcore View Post
Finally got to use mine, all day long. Pump arm felt kinda far away, but i think the tank setup is just too long. May need a rail/asa combo instead of a direct mount, scoot the tank forward a bit. Briefly considered shortening the pump handle, but i wasn't gripping near the front of it, so that wouldn't help. I think i just need to get Stretch Armstrong arms.

Didn't notice any farting or velocity issues - field limit was 275, and i was shooting around 270. Another mcb member, The Inflicted, asked to shoot it, tried to auto-trigger it, and that didn't work out well for him, lol.
Thanks again for letting me test drive the gun, nerdcore.

Yeah, the autotrigger produced some really strange results. It was as if each pump stroke was firing a burst of 2-3 balls. The gun wasn't giving any rollouts when normally pumped, so my theory is that when I was autotriggering, the force of the rearward stroke was somehow enough to pop the valve open when the bolt was back, and an extra ball or two was blown forward down the barrel, either all the way or just forward of the detents so that when the bolt was closed both balls would fire together. I wish I had kept messing with it to see if all of the "burst" was traveling at the same speed. I was kind of shocked when it happened, and it not being my gun I didn't try to replicate it, but it's the first time I've seen a Nelson do something like that.
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