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FSR Sight options and reviews

So far the options I have seen/heard, and would like to hear reviews on:

Iron sights:
-ladder sights
-flip up sights

Red dot:
-no rail
-with adjustable rail
-with a front sight
-with an iphone/camera

Crossbow scope(with adjustable fps settings for the projectile)
-Hawke, no rail
Hawke with adjustable rail
-any othes?

Standard real steel magnified Scopes
-Shotgun/pistol/rifle scopes
-iphone/camera setups and apps

-Permanently Angled rails for Barrel Droop(typically airgun)
-Adjustable rails

Items from other hobbies?
-Airsoft with hop-up

This is for people to post up what they have tried, and list some pros/cons of each style, make some comparisons, and give some ratings.

Lets say rating things like:
magnification as suited to FSR
built in range finder's usefullness
Battery usage
Usefull elevation adjustments within FSR ranges?
Eye Relief


how about throwing out some ratings for the different aspects(1-5)?

Please don't just automatically assume that one style of sight won't work without testing it out. Or that what doesn't work for one person might not just fit another person's style of play. FSR will be creating many more specific play styles than just a blanket title of "sniper"

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