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Thanks to everyone for coming and for being awesome! That was actually a record start for us and woulda been even faster if the ref hadn't gone missing (a theme with MatteeDays) and/or people hadn't forgotten to chrono. Or tried to chrono without pushing the bolt pin all the way down on someone else's Viking.

I call sabotage.

Originally Posted by heinous View Post
how many hammer 7s were there? how did they stack up against the rest of the guns?
Don had his out for about one and a half minutes so I'll go with... not well? Oh, and Woouulf had one in the box.

Originally Posted by pk5 View Post
Too bad I coudln't make it today....hey matt do you know when is the next game?

Earon let me borrowed something to try out at the next game.
Oh joy... Should be middle-ish of next month.

Originally Posted by Bored383 View Post
I have bruises of unknown origin, a BIG scrape and bruise on my hip and arse from when I biffed it hard on the bridges field
I was more concerned about that purple/blue/magenta one on your knee. Humans shouldn't be those colors.

Originally Posted by Stitch View Post
The weather was GREAT (this is really the best time of year for inland empire play) and the fields were certainly fun =)
Yup, I think we should play JI and maybe ASG over the next few months and then switch back to Pendleton when it starts getting hot.

I'm a bit banged up but ok. My neck's not really bothering me - it looks like it's not really going to bruise up. My knee's a little worse for wear as it's pretty stiff and sore and pops a bit when I extend my leg. I'll just ice it some more today and I think it'll be all good.

Superman dives usually work out better when they're planned.
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