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Originally Posted by abvpaintball View Post
ya well if anyone wants a cord then i think this is a good place to post this, what diff does it make?
Not counting the above, you made 5 posts to this thread; four of them were solely offers to sell a product. This is a pretty clear example of spamming.

You are also 'thread-jacking,' which means posting off-topic messages in someone else's thread. This thread is for drooling over Flatliner's sick, sick Mag build ...of which I would love to see a shooting video... Sales threads for Misc Paintball Items go here. And the rules are here.

Thread-jacking and spamming violate MCB's community standards. Whether you've actually broken rules or deserve infractions is up to the mods to decide, but you are in the wrong here. A friendly tip, sir-- just accept the correction and don't do it anymore. Don't argue, don't fight it; there is nothing for you to win here.
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