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SOLD: Brass Eagle Nightmare LB Comp


Located in Canada,
Paypal only,
Ships with insurance after payment in full (Canada Post/USPS or Fedex)
Trades: Autococker parts, Sidewinder regs, 86 frames, pump kits... Will consider adding cash to trade for the right pump marker, if anyone is interested in offering.

Up for sale, my Nightmare LB Comp - $200 US shipped, +$10 for international SOLD LOCALLY TO BOB_WUZZA

Has it's share of little dings and scuffs, but not bad for a 24 year old marker. There is some anno wear/fading on the feedneck, the front screw-cap, where the pump slides on the barrels, and the 12g changer knob. The pictures pretty well show it all, but I don't want a buyer to have any surprises. The barrel bore is bright and shiney, the way a barrel should be.

The pump action is smooth, but surprise - I finally aired it up and it vents down the barrel. As you can see in the pictures the seals all LOOK pristine, no shredding I could find... But it will need a new set, so selling as-is.

I think it's a fantastic little marker and if it worked I'd keep it... But I have too many non-paintball projects as is and can't afford any wall hangers.

Thanks for looking!
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