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Electro Safety

One of the things I like most about the Mokal Aura is the safety switch. It's an electro with fancy circuit board and lights and crazy firing modes, but there is no button combination to shut the thing down; just a simple safety you pull out or push in. It's not in the most sensible place, and have read that it sometimes is hard to engage, but I think having a one touch safety switch should be a standard on electro's. The last time that I played, the ref's were making sure everyone's gun had the safety on as we entered the safe zone. Most others had the typical rental 98's and he verified the safety was on. When I showed him my Ego was off, he really didn't know what to look for and just waved me by without more than a glance. For me as the player, I think it would be more convenient to be able to switch the gun on and off with a single switch or button instantly instead of having to hold a button down. Sometimes I don't push hard enough due to gloves or the rubber button cover. I think electro's could benefit from this. What are your thoughts? Is there a reason that would make holding a button down for a few seconds not a big deal? For example, most electric hoppers continue to spin and make noise when out of paint. This doesn't matter to the tourney players because their format is louder, and the whir of the motor wouldn't be out of place. Use a Rotor when playing woodsball and you run out of paint, and you might lose the element of surprise. What do you guys think?
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