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The E-Blade Eye Patch for drilled bodies

Have a sweet 'Cocker body with some no-longer-used E-Blade eye holes in the side? Or have an E-Blade that you occasionally convert over to a Sniper for pump games? Cover that empty socket with an Eye Patch!

Machined from rare pure virgin lightweight aircraft-grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum aerospace alloy... Okay, okay, it's just bar stock from the local supplier ...the back of the cover has a pin to fully block off the eye hole, so that it doesn't collect paint in the event of a chop.

Mounting screw included.

Handmade by Doc's tender, loving paws, they're $9 each, and shipping is $5. If you'd like one, please toss $14 to and I'll fire one your way!

Now also available in black Delrin!

Same price, same shipping, same email. You know the... er, drill.

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