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As far as the inquiries people have made here about storage under lock and key in their car, etc....there currently is no such provision in the bill.

As for disassembling it...I suspect you would still be SOL....maybe if you had the thing disassembled down to every last screw and o-ring, but I doubt it. Bit of a grey area, and I wouldn't want to be the first guy to try establishing a precendent in court. There's no provision for it, and in other parts of the bill, weapons that "will, are designed to, or can readily be converted to fire" a shot would still qualify as guns. I'm certain this was to eliminate the "I removed the firing pin, thus it won't shoot, thus it's not technically a gun" defense. Since paintball guns have finally been lumped into at least one area of MA firearms law (if this passes), I imagine it's a coin-toss at best.
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