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best of luck fighting it

the honest truth about political and legislative methods to "control guns" is in my opinion just a lameduck attempt to ease the public conscience and put blame on things rather than people.

If their legislation aimed at proper education, responsibility, and culpability in actual criminal use - fine - good - sure

Problem is - people want to blame THINGS not people. I hazard that if you were to look at statistics for death or injury related to alcohol, drugs, prescription drug abuse - you would find far more mayhem.

I practice gun control - I store them properly, I use them properly, I hit what I aim at, I realize that having a gun does not mean its always best to use it - I will only use it when I deem absolutely necessary in conflict or when its safe in practice and entertainment (yup entertainment)

I have fun excercising my rights as a law abiding citizen. I see no reason why we should allow the continuation of oppressing my rights as I understand them.

anyhow - /rant off

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