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Activated a new cable box....

Old one died this morning, so went out and got a new HD Cable box....hook it up then you gotta activate it online, here is my conversation with Colin...he didn't skip a beat:

Colin #5178 (14:36:18):
Okay, activating the cable box now, it'll just take a couple minutes...

Chris (14:36:22):
ok thanks

Colin #5178 (14:40:27):
Alright it's good to go. It may take a few minutes to boot up there. Once it displays the current time on the box we can turn it on.

Chris (14:41:18):
ok, says boot currently
Chris (14:41:25):
Chris (14:41:42):
so when it displays the time, just turn it on?

Colin #5178 (14:41:56):
Yes please. After OCAP it'll say APP, and then the time after that.

Chris (14:42:02):
ok cool
Chris (14:43:24):
ok I think it is working

Colin #5178 (14:43:34):

Chris (14:43:43):
wait....the time says 6:66 and sparks are coming out of the box
Chris (14:43:50):
now it is smoking

Colin #5178 (14:44:01):
Do you have a hammer..?

Chris (14:44:05):
and an angry growl is coming from this normal?
Chris (14:44:28):

Colin #5178 (14:44:31):
Np Chris
Colin #5178 (14:44:38):
Is there anything else I can help with?

Chris (14:44:38):
Have a good one!
Chris (14:44:47):
nope, working great...thanks again!
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