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Shop Update 1/21 - 1/25

Hey guys

Took Friday night and Saturday off from SSC.

Went to a concert (Sum 41, soooo much fun)
Woke up way too early, went up north and played some paintball in 25* weather on an icy speedball field
Got home, ran around with the family, just tried to stay off the computer!

Sunday i sent a jillion emails, and cleaned the workbenches

Came in a few min before work and quickly bandsawed my 2 cockers in my sig that wouldnt sell... and halfblocked em!

They are both finished (minus pump arm shortening and HB kits)
I pulled 2 feednecks and ego necked 2 other cockers (both customer)
I pulled the RF feedneck and will repress a newer, slightly smaller neck in
I slotted 2 hammers
I dewinged 2 cockers (RF and a customer)
and i did a little office cleaning!

Im headin home, callin it a night, went to a funeral at lunch.... blah
Im wiped...

Tomorrow is another day, I would like to get some freak bores knocked out, im 4 or 5 deep right now (not too terrible)

Have a secret project i want to finish before i go to pump night down in Salem Or (warpaint indoor) on Saturday night


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