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Automag parts

Standard Rules Apply You pay, I ship.
I like Paypal, Postal MO or straight up cash. Trades are cool too but I'm very picky.
Shipping is includes to the connected US anywhere else is extra if your country even allows this

All items are OBO, need some extra cash

Raw Lukes milled ULE Intelliframe

has a dent on the front driver side corner

since the frame is raw it has small scratches around the pin and screw areas


"winged" Chrome Vasa front block

Ive also got a Chrome gas through grip that can go along with it.

Raw Lukes Milled ULE AM/MM rail(I think, dont know a whole lot about mags)

Since its raw it shows small wear on the underside and a few other places

Automag Classic valve W/Lvl 7 bolt velocity adjuster and the other valve end it came with.
It worked fine last time I used it. Matching halves.



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