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SuperHiQuality87 , Ripping me off?

Hello fellow MCB'ers i have never had any issues on this website untill my most recent transaction. The following is what has happened between me and SuperHiQuality87 in the past 2 months:

Nelspot 007 raw polished

- I bought his Raw Nelspot 007 on December 10th for 130$

(Jan 1st) Warhead: hey not to be an a hole or anything but i have yet to receive the marker, if i still have not got it by the 30 day mark i will be filing a paypal complaint, nothing personal just procedure, thanks! hope its just held up with the holidays

(Jan 2nd)SuperHiQuality87: Hey there! I'm really sorry about that. I just went back to work today for the first time today and It was waiting for me there...apparently there was a mistake with the address on my end. I'll get it back out tomorrow.
Happy new year!

- I was unable to file a claim with paypal as i must have sent the money via gift.

- I have messaged him repeatedly with no success.

- It has been 20 days since he said he sent it, and 42 days since i bought the marker.

Just thought MCB would like to know!
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