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Originally Posted by THE-SHOOTIST View Post
The WGP "Ergo" is a copy of the PPS Stabilizer, albiet it works in reverse. (Turn the screw in to reduce pressure, back it out to increase)
I ran one on a Spyder with a 20 ounce anti-siphon tank for years with excellent results. I think I paid $20.00 for it used. I still have it and run it on a Sterling, original seals and seats.
The Ergo is not similar to the Stabilizer at all. The Stabilzer uses a 'floating poppet' design similar to the AA inline regs. The Ergo uses a 'moving base' design similar to the AKA Sidewinder, CP, and Hyper 2. An easy way to tell them apart is by the way the pressure is adjusted: floating poppet-turns in to increase while moving bases turn out to increase. Both have their own advances/disadvanges and both are still use in modern guns.

I'd suggest a stock WGP reg or any of the externally adjustable ones if you want to spend a little more. They are quality regs with good flow/consistency on both CO2 and HPA. There is a reason AKA made the adjuster cap for the WGP regs and suggested their use with their Tornado valve/Lightening bolt/Mighty Max before coming out with the Sidewinder.
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