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Indoor Reball

Anyone played with reballs in an indoor airball setting.

I'm looking at this field indoor extreme sports in NYC for some summer practice. It's a bit pricey for entry/air but no cost for paint because they use reballs. I'm worried how annoying the games with reballs might be. Were shooting at 260, i've never played under 300 so some other questions as well based on velocity -


- Whats the risk to hoppers/soft plastic parts?

- How are they through a marker in the long term?

- It is ok to use them with a Delrin bolt (some have told me you need oil to use em, in the breech would Delrin wouldn't like)

- I feel like these would be ok for pump, but terrible for semi, true or not?

- How does playing 260fps instead of 300fps change the game/enlarge the field?

- I gotta ask, how bad is it to take a rope of reballs to the back/chest?

- What bore are reballs generally?

- Do I even Bother?
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