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Originally Posted by Talfuchre View Post
Just mill off the T.

Honestly Deuce - I used drops for the longest time too - but what I found was that the point and aim of a drop did not allow for smooth transition from lefty to righty - AND - if it felt right in my dominant hand - it felt like **** in my non-dominant hand.

A straight rail is popular for a reason - I think it is because you can switch to your off hand easier - and your point and aim is more natural.

So - do you shoot off hand all that much?

This is simply my opinion.

I wonder, too, is CCM going to release a .45 grip for the J12. With that said - I enjoyed the 86 degree - the grip is a little thin for my hands - and with no wrap around options - it is one of my FEW caveats about this marker.

With that said ( ), it isn't a deal breaker. Gun shoots really instinctively for me.

That could work, but I'd hate to start cutting on something that pretty. I do shoot offhand a good amount, but besides feeling awkward (due to service connected injuries) I don't have any issues with the CCM drop.

I do also have mixed feelings about not being able to use my Hogue grips (I love them) but that's not a dealbreaker.

Originally Posted by CCM CHICK View Post
It is something Bill and Rod have talked about, but I havenít gotten any definitive answer on which way that will go.
Thank you, Mel.

Originally Posted by Floundah View Post
45 option and take the tail off the back and I would be sold It's the only thing from the pics that I don't think flows all too well.
I actually think it looks good.

Originally Posted by super_stanchy View Post
lol i think it should be longer, give it more of a handle to hold onto when your walkin around

(i carry my t2 by the back of the lowertube, cant really do it with the j12)
Built in snatch grip?

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Originally Posted by CCMachinist View Post
$400 per 1000

smoke'em if you got'em.
Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
I'd wipe, play-on and overshoot.
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