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Fireworks.. oh my

During our last little outlaw ball gathering we had a mission to go up the Nung river and blow up two of the bases. We had another game where the Grinch blew up "Who'ville" after he stole all the kids

And when waffles lit off the Saturn missile thing^ in the castle all hell broke loose. best $5 I've spent all year. Im hooked.

Now I know it aint cool at the commercial fields with all the liability, rules and regs but man a bit of smoke and noise goes a long way towards adding a bit of spice to the game.

Ok.. now im hooked and looking for ideas (on the cheap).. In particular ide like to set up something like a gun emplacement to shoot off some $1'ish bottle rockets.

Any ideas? way cool things you've seen done (on the cheap).. best "bang" for the buck?
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