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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
If it's directly from an mfg you can't trust it and their testing looks pretty bunkd
I will vouch for Dave (Flasc)'s testing. He did it to help develop product - not to sell it. His barrels are made in response to the data he collects. I've had numerous conversations with the guy - you should trust his tests.

Originally Posted by PistolRogue View Post
Can't review their data at the moment, but the overall idea of a different optimal barrel length for a different gun holds some water. A large volume chamber/low pressure/high dwell gun will most likely operate better with a longer barrel while a small chamber/high pressure/short dwell gun will be better off with a shorter one.

That's for efficiency though. So far as FS accuracy goes, I don't think enough testing has been done in the area to really provide any conclusive answers. I would tend to believe that a 10-16" barrel would be best though, or at least better than anything longer/shorter.
Note - the info below is about paint.
Yeah, based on my testing the actual range for optimal control bore is 7.5-11.5". I rough that to 9.5" - the same as FLASC. There does seem to be some variation based on the operation of the gun. Notice I say operation - not pressure. It's really more about how the valve works, not the pressure the gun operates. For example, a mag has a shallower slope on it's power pulse than a cocker - even though the mag runs at higher pressures.

Now, that said, I think that FS rounds accelerate more quickly than paint since they have a nice cup at the back to catch the air. I haven't done the testing because FLASC has put tiberius barrels low on the priority list and hasn't built there complete kit yet.
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